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Nordstrom isn’t just known for selling quality clothes and accessories. They’ve also got a solid reputation among job hunters, thanks to their inclusive work culture and great employee benefits.

Nordstrom Discount For Employees

Curious about these employee discounts at Nordstrom? You have come to the right place; keep scrolling to learn more!

What Is The Nordstrom Discount For Employees?

You should receive a 20% discount if you’re clocking in as a regular hourly employee, But if you are in management, that would be a solid $33 off. People like department managers or star employees (e.g., employees of the year) also have the chance to score a good 33% discount

Whether you’re a part- or full-time, the discount is rightfully yours. You will be eligible right after getting your employee number/ID and the first paycheck hits. That’s because Nordstrom is well aware some people might apply just for the discounts and then quit without a word. This measure is to prevent that from happening.


  • Planning to score even bigger discounts at Nordstrom during the holidays? You’re in luck! They might bump up the regular employee discount for some stores, especially around Christmas. From what I’ve found, the number is up to the managers, but you could be looking at an extra 10% to 20% off.
  • You can use your discounts on Nordstrom’s “Final Markdown” items. They are usually already slashed by 50 to 80%, so adding your discount to that is surely a killer deal! 

Some Nordstrom Rack Employee Discount Restrictions

Nordstrom store


As mentioned, to get in on the discounts, you must be a Nordstrom employee with your own employee number and first paycheck.

And unfortunately, these discounts are not up for grabs for your friends or even extended family. You can only share them with immediate family members under 25 who live with you.


Your discount can be used for everything here… except Nordstrom gift cards. Those are off-limits.

Abuse Prevention

Nordstrom wants to keep it fair, meaning you are not allowed to share your discount with anyone who is not eligible (e.g., those outside your immediate family living under your roof). 

If they catch you in the act, they are not afraid to investigate and take action. You might even have to say farewell to your current job.


Some stores might ask for ID if they don’t recognize the person using the employee discount. It’s just to ensure only employees and their intermediate families are cashing in.

Online Discount

If you want to use your Nordstrom employee discount online, you’ll need a Nordstrom card.

How To Use Your Nordstrom Employee Discount

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use your Nordstrom employee discount:

Method 1. Online Employee Purchases

Step 1.

First things first, log into your current Nordstrom account. If you do not have one yet, no worries; just take a second to create it.

Step 2. 

Now, start browsing and adding your favorite items to the cart. Once you’ve got everything you need, it’s time to check out.

Step 3.

As you checkout, remember to fill in your shipping information and select your preferred shipping method. I know you cannot wait to receive these goodies in person, but a little patience does not hurt anyone!  

Step 4.

When it’s time to pay, enter your current Nordstrom card numbers and billing address in the payment section. Now, this is crucial: don’t forget to hit the “Apply” button. That’s where the discount is activated.

Step 5. 

And that’s it! You only need to sit back and watch the price drop.

Method 2. In-Store Employee Purchases

Step 1.

If you’re heading to the store to do your shopping, confirm you’ve brought along your employee shopping pass. Never leave home without it!

Step 2. 

Next, it’s time to hit the aisles and grab all those must-have items you’ve been eyeing up. Once your cart is overflowing with goodies, head to the checkout.

Step 3.

As you approach the cashier, take out your employee shopping pass – the golden ticket to your discount. Hand it over so the cashier can scan your items and apply the discount to the total price. 

That’s all! There’s no better feeling than the joy of knowing you’re getting the best possible deal.

Other Competitive Benefits and Employee Perks You Will Receive 

Nordstrom Employee

Health Benefits

  • Nordstrom has got your back with Aetna health insurance. They even chip in for 20% of copays on a wide range of products like prescriptions and hearing aids.
  • Need glasses or contacts? Vision insurance covers half the copays for that and similar eye-related expenses.
  • And don’t forget about other types of insurance like dental coverage, occupational accident insurance, life insurance coverage (up to about $10,000), and long-term disability insurance. 

Financial Benefits

You will be offered a 401(k) plan with company matching (from 1 to 4%). And once you’ve worked six months as a full-time employee, they will throw in an extra 2%.

Paid Time Off

Time to recharge! Full-timers and salaried employees score 18 days of paid vacation each year.

And if you are expecting or becoming a new parent, they have you covered with four weeks of paid maternity or paternity leave before birth, followed by three months after.

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Getting discounts on pretty much everything – even items already marked down by 50 to 80%? That’s something we do not see every day at other fashion retailers!

Nordstrom keeps it straightforward with their discount policy and broad range of benefits, so I doubt there is room for confusion. But if you still have questions, feel free to hit me anytime.

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